Greetings, traveler. I was expecting you.

I am Aurora, and I was tasked to turn the words engraved in The Book of Dawn into energy, thus turning them into happiness and hope so that the world may retain it's humanity.

Alas, only the words of humans can conform a suitable ingredient of this great power. And the power is escaping by the minute.

 Come forth if you wish, for however fleeting your presence is in this room, it can be forever kept within these pages.

 Write your own story in the book, or bless the words of others.

 Keep the magic alive.

The Book of Dawn

A collaborative experience more than a game, it strives to serve as a pool of positivity and good wishes in this world. The magic of the book is running out, and to replenish it you must estill your blessing on the words of others (**by clicking on their messages**). You can also leave your mark in the book, so that others can bless your words.

Come fast, before the magic extiguishes forever...

NOTE: Due to the kickass nature of the graphics, we recommend playing the game in full screen.


Art by Nayla Novotny
Programming by Borja Lorente


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This has WebGL in it! (ruined everything)